Vehicle Transfer Software

With Transfer Relax vehicle transfer software which is developed for companies that supplies vehicle transfer service, you can make reservation or sell “vehicle transfer” to your customers through website that has easy management system.

With vehicle transfer software, the customer wants from a hotel to the airport or bus station with the shuttle to a point where customers want the car you can buy online via the internet.

It is the ideal and necessary software for companies operating in the transport and transportation industry to be able to access their customers directly and synchronize their trades .With Transfer Relax transfer software ,you can sale vehicle transfer service that you provide to your local or international customers easily.

What is Vehicle Transfer Software ?

Developed for companies that provide car transfer services in the travel and transportation industry , it is a software that allows companies to easily reach customers through their websites and manage car transfers by making reservations.

Vehicle transfer software is an advanced automation system developed by Transfer Relax for companies in the transport industry that is easy to manage, multilingual, mobile compatible, sending email and sms notifications.

What is Vehicle Transfer Software used for ?

The companies that provide the transfer service are able to improve their software and provide coverage in transfer systems. With the flexible programming options, the authorization of the desired users can be set. With the advantage of pricing, domestic and international price options are being set up to date . .

Buy car transfer software option , business partners and web programs are being developed. By providing all the details, options and information of the transfer service, more customers can be reached. Adding hardware to the activities of local firms, allowing customers to provide national or international services.

Multi-language features, currency features, campaigns, pricing, sms and e-mail informers to provide useful space for the firm . It allows customers to buy services online and direct firms to the right transfer .

How is Vehicle Transfer Automation Applied ?

An automation system can be prepared according to the field of activity indicated by each firm . Transfer Relax With Turkey's software transfers all firms operating in the city, the application can be prepared. Moreover, applications to purchase tickets online, bus or plane ticket purchasing can deliver panels.

You can use content packages according to the company from the system that provides the demo program . Vehicle transfer automation thanks, you can provide the business management successfully. Thanks to the data between the staff, the customers and the agencies, you can evaluate the vehicle- oriented deduction and earnings statistics .

Transfer Relax car transfer management system, road transport i transfers, airline transportation transfers, which can be prepared according to the main features of the company.

What are Vehicle Transfer Automation Features?

Integration is the most important factor in vehicle transfer automation. Professionally developed integration software enables business quality and management to be done in an ideal way. Transfer Relax vehicle transfer software provides web and panel usage through campaign presentations, and pricing options can be provided rapidly.

In software automation systems, e-mail and SMS informations are provided to provide transfer information and customer satisfaction. Transfer Relax Among the integration features offered in the software are ;

  • Online Payment / Vehicle Payment
  • Pricing and Billing
  • Loyalty Services
  • Insurance
  • Shuttle Vip Vehicle System
  • Private Car Rental System
  • XML services
  • TRS, TDS services
  • Payment
  • E-Invoice, E-Archive Integration
  • CRM
  • Reporting

With options, advanced software features are used . Transfer Relax vehicle transfer software, shuttle transfer, VIP vehicle transfer and large vehicle transfer software are produced .

Easy to use and accessibility is offered thanks to the program with rich options and quality . The ability to deliver services to the global area, provide direct service to customers, and increase business success with analysis and data evaluations . With the car transfer software , you can quickly and easily handle service sales in the internet world.

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