Bus Terminal Transfer Software

Transfer Relax, produces software for companies that transfer service in all Turkey cities. It allows online car transfer sales through web sites for companies that transfer vehicles from terminals.

More customers find companies offering transportation options for the transfer of services to passengers traveling on the highway, the transfers become available over the internet and online booking / selling process of making a transfer relax the bus terminal transfer software with the solution .

With the bus transfer software , it is possible to provide services to customers coming from abroad or from abroad, over the internet. With multi-language options, foreign customers can easily purchase using the application. Moreover, thanks to the current currency and up-to-date exchange rates, online platform pricing is possible. With the online sales application, customers can book or buy transfer service by logging in from their site .

What is the Bus Terminal Transfer Software ?

It is an automation system that enables the people who make intercity bus trips, taking passengers from the terminal when they arrive at the landing bus station and provide the vehicle that allows bring the passenger to a certain point and manage the online transfers, and sales via internet.

Transferrelax bus station software allows all travel information, can go online, according to a language which can be booked online tools and options price options.

Within 20 years in the industry , Transfer Relax software company has developed a simple formulation can be used for all companies. Brand and company-specific content packages, professional software that provides business management and online transfer purchasing features, equipped with services.

How to Use the Bus Terminal Transfer Software ?

The transferrelax system is extremely simple to use. By using the purchase of the bus transfer software option, you can immediately order the ideal application for your company. The system, which offers 100% coverage in mobile compatibility and web compatibility, is designed according to the specifications of all companies.

You can get all the relevant information by communication through software details . The site and the panel can be accessed from anywhere you have internet. Moreover, by adjusting the use of work management and panes, you can control who will use the system, business authority.

What are the advantages of Bus Terminal Transfer Software?

Transfer Relax software provides easy scheduling and management with advanced programs. The bus station transfer management system , the advantages offered by the company and the wide range of services it brings to the business of the firm, is a sector necessity software.

Transfer Relax;

  • It produces software suitable for the structure of transfer companies
  • Provides fast, easy and online transactions
  • Provides web and mobile compatibility
  • Provides detailed reporting options
  • Offers payment options and tool payment
  • Sms delivers customer service with email notifications
  • Route development and rich location acquisition
  • Pricing management offers

The Transfer Relax system, which reduces the workload of companies and increases their profits , is a flexible programming feature. With currency and up-to-date pricing options, customers from overseas can make payments in their own currencies.

What are the characteristics of the Bus Terminal Transfer System ?

Integrations organizes all the business activities of the company systematically and provides you with time and money. It provides the statistics, data of staff, customers, branches, agency information and reports and transfer services.

Provides easy analysis of grouping of all details such as current status, evaluations, transfer payments and revenues obtained by bus transfer companies.

Transfer purchases allow you to organize your transfers quickly, as you wish, according to your reservations. Transfer Relax software company operating as İpek Computer Company; online or in-vehicle payouts, email notifications, reporting, and more.

Providing seamless access to your business partners with digital access enables you to offer international services through direct purchasing and booking activities from websites where your salesperson is located.

Bus Terminal Transfer Software Demo Request

You can find a demo request in Transfer Relax contact page. Demo software will be presented for you as soon as possible.

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