Airport Transfer Software

Airport transfer software , Transfer Relax is a transfer automation management system that provides transfer services in the travel and transportation sector and enables companies to make their sales online easily via the internet .

Branches and Agents operations can be done easily with Relax Transfer software.

What is Transfer Relax?

It is a special software system designed for companies operating in transport and transfer sector . Transfer Relax not only provides customers direct access to services, but also provides business management for companies. Thanks to designed software programs; reporting, operations management, current accounts, insurance, systems integration, such as campaigns carried out in a professional manner.

The software that enables customers to purchase services over the internet is multi-lingual for foreign customers and works with current exchange rates . Airport transfer automation allows you to reach more customers in the digital world by providing you with quick access, fast service sales and quality service .

Airport Transfer Automation

The companies that use the software provide 100% customer satisfaction with fast and organized transfer services . Providing quality circulation in work management and company procedures, the customer - the driver - agency – branch ensures the information is processed correctly. Airport transfer management system integrations are as follows;

  • Shuttle Transfer List
  • Online Payment / Vehicle Payment
  • E-Invoice, E- Archive
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Loyalty Services
  • XML Services
  • TRS, TDS
  • SMS, E-Mail Informing

Advantages of Transfer Relax system;

  • Firm structure and full compatibility on the web
  • Fast, functional and practical use
  • Detailed reporting formats
  • Return - Return Options
  • Cash, credit card, foreign exchange, POS and payment options in the vehicle
  • Advanced Route
  • Pricing and current price management
  • It allows to send SMS and e-mail transfer notifications to customers .

Transfer Relax system provides software services not only in airport and bus terminal transfer services, but also in shuttle vip transfer services.

Thanks to the software that gives you professionalism in the transfer sector, it enables you to reach your destination and make your business activities more comprehensive. Furthermore the passengers coming from abroad to Turkey is an advantageous system to make their home country booked a transfer.

You can see the demo software before purchase if you wish to make the airport transfer software. With the purchase of the program, business management and usable panels increase business success and quality. Transfer Relax offers software content;

  • Flexible User Management:With the program you can ensure that the people who will use the system have the authority that you specify.
  • Current Management:You can check the receivables and payables of the personnel, branches and agencies and you can get information.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Allows site and panes to be accessed from the desired device.
  • Operations Management: gAll transfers are arranged in a fast and coordinated manner according to the vehicles and passengers during the day. It is an easy and professional method.
  • Web Compatible Infrastructure:Software that is 100% compatible with all web programs can be easily accessed from anywhere.
  • Advanced Reporting:Allows the company to perform operations and operations easily and quickly. Each work item is reported systematically.

Airport Software Demo Request

Within the transportation sector , all companies in vehicle transfer , airport transfer service, shuttle transfers, vip shuttle transfers , vip transfer services, conferences and seminars transportation, can request demo application and review the software and you can contact the buyer quickly .

You can also contact Transfer Relax immediately for special software services .

Do you like Transfer Relax?

If you want to have a professional and easy-to-use software experience, you can get a demo request and review the transfer software in more detail.

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