Transfer Software (Transfer Automation)

Transfer Relax , giving the transportation sector a different perspective, we provide industry digital services . Transfer software, road, air, rail transportation sector serving as vehicles for the transfer of a web solutions company we are producing sales from online car transfer service., which opens the key codes of the digital world , develops software for all transportation companies and meets online trade needs .

Since 20 years and operates in transportation and travelling sector, we provide quality service with easy access and application methods that we have developed. constitute the transfer of digital office infrastructure sector as a provider.

Shuttle software transfers, airport transfers and bus terminal transfer software software provinces going to the international software operations.

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Airport Transfer Software
Airport Transfer Software

Airport transfer software , Transfer Relax is a transfer automation management system that provides transfer services in the travel and transportat...

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Bus Terminal Transfer Software
Bus Terminal Transfer Software

Transfer Relax, produces software for companies that transfer service in all Turkey cities. It allows online car transfer sales through web sites ...

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Vehicle Transfer Software
Vehicle Transfer Software

With Transfer Relax vehicle transfer software which is developed for companies that supplies vehicle transfer service, you can make reservation or ...

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What is Transfer Software ( Automation ) ?

It is a software / service offered to companies that provide transfer services at airports and city terminals . transfer automation allows you to make your transfer business more systematically , programmatically and by reaching more users .

For example; Do you have a company that provides service in travelling and transfer sector. It provides your passengers buy transfer fast and cheap on the internet without having to make reservation or purchase from your terminal office or by phone.

Transfer software; is an automation system that must be provided by firms providing city or intercity transfer services such as transfer of money, bus terminal transfer and vehicle transfer .

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Transfer Relax - Transfer software What are the features ?

Transferrelax is also an infrastructure provider , operating with professional capabilities such as innovative vision , enhanceable software programs, mobile adaptability accessibility .

Software package with airport transfers, all airports transferred to a web service company that can perform online sales with appropriate infrastructure in Turkey site . The basic features of the system that makes up the digital transfer network of the transfer sector are as follows;

  • Web Compliance

    Through the Web faster than PC-compatible infrastructure from both the mobile offers continuous and seamless connectivity. You can access the application / administration panel from anywhere.

  • Reporting

    With its advanced reporting feature, it also reports all activities such as transfer , company, branch , agency, pos, driver and user sales . By entering the reporting information that the company wants, all details are provided according to business management and make your job easier.

  • Current Management

    All of the company's receivables and payables will be collected by the staff, accountants and drivers - debt information, all current information of branches and centers Transferrelax transfer software system. On that count, those perations will become much easier.

  • Multiple Languages and Currency

    It is an easy application not only for Turkish customers but also for foreign customers. You can make the transfer service not only in the local currency, but also in the currencies of different countries, and you can make it easy for international passengers to benefit from the airport transfer service. From the language options in the interface program, you can offer convenience for foreign customers. The pricing is automatically made through the current exchange rate.

  • Easy Operation Management

    The module, which regularly manages the number of vehicles, the number of transfers and the number of passengers served, ensures that the transfers are carried out in an idealized manner. Pricing options according to the characteristics of the vehicles, pricing options according to route and location , easy calculation is provided through the system. With the Vehicle Transfer software module you can easily arrange your waiting shuttle and transfer assignments.

    Integration features include features such as loyalty services, CRM, insurance, campaigns, information, e-billing, e-archive, information, XML, TRS - TDS.

  • Transfer Relax Demo

    For professional software and easy-to-use application demo you can review and purchase the transfer software in more detail by request .

    Transfer software in airport transfer software , he satiated transfer software, bus terminal transfer your booking and automation software such as customer management system will be able to purchase available.

    With Transfer software , you can easily transfer sales to all customers from home and abroad.