Required Documents for Airport Transfer Business

Required Documents for Airport Transfer Business

Those who want to do airport transfer business must fulfill various procedures. Transfer can be made when the official permit and documents have been completed and the national requirements have been met

The airport transfer business is considered as an attractive opportunity and as a means of trend acquisition in recent years. Primarily of persons wishing to enter the sector and benefit from the transfer of business it is necessary to complete the necessary documents and documents for the airport transfer business .

How does the Airport Transfer Work ?

The airport transfer business is in the transportation sector. Passenger transportation status and necessary documents are required in the business branch called transportation and transfer .

Access to those who want to reach the airport in the city is provided. Passengers arriving by air from abroad or from other cities are provided access to various addresses within that city . The airport transfer business is basically operating in this context.

Which vehicle is suitable Airport Transfer ?

Different transportation options are available for each airport. Bus companies generally offer transfer services at all airports. Airport transfers can also be provided by different transport vehicles such as Rail system vehicles, minibuses, buses , panel-van vehicles.

The transfer companies offer coverage to the airport transfer sector with special vehicles and VIP vehicles. Depending on the number of people, vehicles equipped with luxurious format or transfer services with standard passenger cars can be provided.

In Which Regions Does Airport Transfer Benefit ?

The necessary documentation for the airport transfer business can be obtained and the activity in the sector can be started. For those who want to make money and start the sector that gives them the sector, we can suggest tourist areas. Especially in holiday regions where foreign tourists are frequent, airport transfer is a very profitable business.

Airport transfers are very common in metropolitan cities, especially in Istanbul and Ankara. Especially in Ankara, airport transfer systems are used extensively because of the existence of political centers, state institutions and centers of commercial business.

Due to the attraction of Istanbul for international tourism, it is widely used not only for crowded traffic but also for direct transportation.

What is Attractive Airport Transfer Business ?

The frequent use of air transportation has enabled the sector to be born and developed . Airline companies, economical air fares, increase of foreign tourists in Turkey show that the development of tourism causes the transfer system has allowed the development of the airport.

Especially, the fact that airports are located outside the city and transportation is not so easy is an attractive point for airport transfer business. For crowded families and groups, it is more advantageous than other transportation options.

How to Set Shuttle Time

Shuttle service is to provide hours of service for vehicles transferring to the airport. Every 30 min. or at various times, such as every hour, from the airport and from the airport to the city center. Passengers may arrive at the airport prior to their flight hours, according to their shuttle hours. Settings Your most have already b transfers made using routes are called '' shuttle transfer ''.

What is the Advantage of Shuttle Transfers ?

Time ranges and pricing options make shuttle transfers an advantage. Prices are per ticket. What are the documents required for the airport transfer business , services are provided according to the Ministry of Transport's legal procedures for such matters as shuttle transfer service.

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Keep Yourself Informed

How to do dealership in Shuttle Transfer Business ?

Companies that vary according to the cities and provide shuttle service at the airport can serve with dealership method. In airport transfer systems, which are generally institutional, if the franchise is given, necessary documents can be completed and applications can be made.

This is the procedure for shuttle transfer services rented by the tender method of the airport and ground handling departments. The people who want to start a private transfer companies Ministry of Transportation 's passenger transport operations as they can apply.

What are the Important Points for Airport Transfer Business ?

For options like airport transfer, vip transfer, shuttle transfer services, there are some important points. The characteristics that the transfer companies and their employees should carry and the characteristics that the company should acquire are as follows;

  • It is important that the vehicles to be used in the airport transfer business are maintained and that the examinations are complete, clean and in good appearance
  • The air conditioning of the vehicles, heating systems should work without any problems and the customer should be prepared.
  • Speed limits, traffic rules and courtesy rules must be strictly adhered to.
  • Technical maintenance and periodical maintenance of the vehicles should be done regularly.
  • Communication between the company, the driver and the customer must be ensured uninterrupted and the transfer times must be made on time, strictly without interruption.