I Want To Do Airport Transfer Business, How Do I Start?

I Want To Do Airport Transfer Business, How Do I Start?

Transfer systems, also called airport transport, can be provided by obtaining the required permits and documents. The sector operating as passenger transport is one of the road transport services. The Ministry of Transport's made for official permits airport transfer business is required to complete all documents.

Required Documents for Airport Transfer Business

Those who want to enter the airport transfer business must first determine the area of activity. VIP vehicle transfer services, shuttle transfer systems, etc., can be selected and applications can be accepted.

From the number of vehicles, to the company information, various forms need to be presented. Vehicle documents, inspection and maintenance information, information and documents of the persons who will work in the transfer service, information and documents of the firms and agencies , points of sale, required documents such as registration inquiry must be presented according to the transfer area to be operated.

What are the requirements for airport transfer business ?

In the sector served as passenger transport, smiling is the most important factor. Provide customer satisfaction, show the necessary courtesy, ensure business success and business quality. Important points for airport transfer service are as follows;

  • The transfer vehicles to be used in the airport transfer business and the transfer service personnel must have good appearance.
  • The fact that the inside and outside of the vehicle are always clean, ventilated and smells good increases customer satisfaction.
  • The professional presentation is important, each structured transfer is a reference.
  • It is important to follow the road rules, not to exceed the specified speed limits, to be respectful in the vehicle, to transfer work.
  • Vehicle equipment must be robust and usable.
  • The running smoothly of cooling systems is important.
  • Safety seats and belts must be provided for infant and child passengers.
  • Traffic insurances and vehicle documentation of the transferring vehicles must always be kept in the vehicle. It is necessary to know all the procedures and get the documents about how to do airport transfer business.
  • Passenger transport documents and legal documents must be kept in the vehicle.
  • Regular technical and periodic maintenance ensures road and passenger safety.

Airport Transfer Business What is Shuttle System?

In areas such as I want to make the airport transfer business, Can I transfer shuttle, we can mention the passenger transport rules. A shuttle transfer business is a transfer business that is performed within certain hours and as a service.

Shuttle transfers are airport transportation options made with large and wide-capacity passenger transport vehicles. In certain periods , to the airport , transfer from the airport to the city center and important points are provided.

What are the Features of Shuttle Transfer Business ?

It is usually preferred by passengers. In Shuttle transfer system, providing time options like every 30 minutes, each hour or at certain times such as night time, given transportation service by taking passengers from the front of the airport.

The advantage of the shuttle transfers is the economic pricing. Shuttle vehicles are charged per person and offer more attractive prices than any other option.

What are the Advantages of Airport Transfer Vehicles ?

The companies that provide airport transfer service offer special format for the persons. There are options for cars by capacities, such as single people or families, crowded groups. It is an advantageous transportation option for crowded and children's families. How to start airport transfer business , the service options of companies should be evaluated.

For crowded guests coming from abroad, transfer options are especially preferred for foreign tourists. The route option is quite extensive and you can get as much transportation as you want. Taking you from your location in a timely way to the airport , it allows you to catch your flight time in a comfortable way.

How to Determine Prices at Airport Transfers ?

We mentioned that Shuttle transfer services are the most economical transportation option. But according to the cities; There are also transportation options such as bus, minibus and metro.

Vip transfer and airport transfer services prices are determined according to various factors. The distance to be traveled, the characteristics of the vehicle where the transfer service will be provided, and the price are determined by evaluating factors such as the number of people, and transfer time.

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